Eagle Business Group

Value friends, value clients.

It’s All About the Journey

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Every problem is an opportunity.

Loyalty lasts a lifetime.

Integrity is the only option.

Live, Love, Laugh.

Results keep us moving forward.

About Eagle Business Group

There are many disciplines that come into play when operating a small business. All businesses typically have a need for marketing and accounting functions. Others may require a web presence, graphic design or assistance with human resources in order to achieve their stated mission. Eagle Business Group is your destination for assistance with any challenge that faces your business. The Eagle Business Group of partners and individuals is comprised of PhD’s, MBA’s, CPA’s, attorneys, marketing specialists, trainers, and graphic designers. Collectively our team has over 200 years of experience in management and business development. Whether you are wanting to start your own business, grow your existing business, franchise your concept or even pursue an exit strategy, Eagle Business Group has the ability and talent to assist you. There is no challenge you are facing that is too big or too small. Whatever keeps you up at night, we will find a solution that will help you rest easy. Eagle Business Group is here to help you make your business soar. Contact us and someone from our team will respond right away.


Our goal is to respond to your needs and concerns in a timely manner. When you present a problem, we immediately begin to work on a viable solution. You can depend on prompt replies to your inquiries. You will never be alone in your efforts to achieve your objectives.


Your success is our passion. When you choose to work with EBG, we will be your partner. No matter the size of the project, you will receive the attention you need to obtain your desired outcome. Our focus is to produce positive results for you.


We understand that resources are not unlimited. Our fees are fair and reasonable. We want our pricing to be economical for you, yet profitable for us. Like you, we are in business to make money, but not necessarily at your expense.

Our Way of Life

  • Value Friends, Value Clients
  • It’s All About the Journey
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
  • Every Problem is an Opportunity
  • Loyalty Lasts a Lifetime
  • Integrity is the Only Option
  • Live, Love, Laugh
  • Results keep us moving forward